Hobby butterfly though I am, my one constant over the years has been yoga. Through self-absorbed singledom, snatched lunchtime sessions near work, the smug stretches of antenatal yoga (first time around) and postnatal yoga co-opting baby, ending with the cheap convenience of an iPad app. Yoga reminds me that I have a mortal body which can be stressed, stretched and coaxed; sessions can be mundane or moving.
So, to review some of these approaches:
In Hitchin, the class I went to before motherhood made it difficult was Club Yoga led by Sarah. The lessons were unique and thoughtful. Feelings of frustration at being stuck in the same place for over an hour would subtly subside to quiet pleasure and focus. The classes hit a spiritual note that could feel uncomfortable for sceptics, but this was preferable to ‘keep fit’ yoga class that bang on about body-tightening benefits.
Second, I ordered the Tara Lee Yoga For You and Your Baby DVD to do with Babycub. This now appears to be unavailable. In any case, it is not a routine I would recommend. The short section focusing on yoga that includes your baby was gruellingly slow, and for every interesting move demonstrated (swing your baby from side-to-side, held by the ankles in a cross-legged pose) another bleeding-obvious one would be shown (holding your baby, dance gently around to some music). None of the other sections amounted to a great deal.
Third, I have recently used the Yoga Studio app to practice yoga at home. I love it: a calm voice describes the moves, a bendy lady demonstrates clearly on an uncluttered screen and sessions can be short or long. I went through a phase of doing short sessions when Babycub woke me pre-dawn, with the little mite kicking and cooing on a mat next to me, and felt very proud and relaxed for it. But I think I was in the crazed-new-mother phase then, and have now settled for bleary-eyed playing on the carpet. So now the odd session during naptime suffices. And gosh it’s good value for money.


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