A is for Art (life drawing)

How I had been looking forward to this! Apart from one embarrassing session as a sixth-former and the odd candid doodle of Mr Latebloomingleo, this was my first experience of life drawing. The evening was run by the Art Nest in Hitchin at the Victoria pub’s barn and cost £12 with a glass of wine. I found getting started difficult and felt very self-conscious that other people could see my rubbishy sketches (didn’t help that I sat next to a retired life-drawing teacher), but a series of quick poses (1-5 min) loosened me up and I began to really enjoy myself with the longer poses. Results below. I’m quite happy with them but need to work on hands, feet, legs, arms, faces and foreshortening. Lucky I have another session next month to improve! IMG_2110.JPG




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