R is for Rock (choir)

Finally, this project has forced me to leave the house and do something that scares me. This was Hitchin’s Rock Choir “The Ultimate Singing Experience” which generously offers free taster sessions. I harassed my friend Jo to go with me.
The choir appeared to be about 60 strong (95% female) on the evening we went and everyone seemed very cheerful. As newbies, we were welcomed into our row and I relaxed quickly. The talented and confident Hazel led us in some fun warm-up exercises (singing Somewhere Over the Rainbow making only a ‘ng’ noise while furiously mouthing the words). Split into bass, upper/lower alto and upper/lower soprano, we started learning the piece for that evening: Fall at Your Feet by Crowded House (weird lyrics when you scrutinise them). We sat in lower alto which seemed to have the most straightforward, if ploddy, job of singing the main bit while sopranos added vocal embroidery. While singing Man in the Mirror we did some hand-clapping and synchronised swaying like a real choir. The website talked about the natural high of performing as part of a bigger group.
But here’s where my ego interferes. If I had felt like a rock star during rock choir — think Mick Jagger dancing on his cherry-picker above stadia audiences — I might have been tempted to join. It turns out performing a small role as part of a choir, a team, didn’t do it for me, at least on this occasion. So, I have not found my interest, but a lovely evening nonetheless.




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